Vanilla Ice has got nothing on me
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No. It’s in color. The first color film to win Best Film in the Oscars, actually.


Cool. What’s the main plot of the movie? I mean, “Gone with The Wind” sorta implies it has something to do with planes or something. Amirite?

September 28 + 21


Well, don’t worry if you’ve never seen it, the main characters are young lovers. 


Sounds fun. Is it in black and white?

September 28 + 21


Who’s free to see Gone With the Wind in movie theaters?? Four hours of movie brilliance, guys, on the big screen for the first time in our lives! Someone has to see this with me!


I’d love to. Love me some classic movies. I mean old people usually freak me out but old movies are totally my guilty pleasure.

September 27 + 21


I am craving cheesecake so intensely at this very point in time. I am very tempted to begin a search for the best cheesecake in the City. Anyone want to help me? 


I’d love to! Have you tried the Cheesecake Factory?

September 27 + 8


It’s not gay to wanna know what your friends’ cocks look like

September 26 + 42823
Oh. Ooohhh. It’s a metaphor. I feel you, brolmate. I got’chu. But what about your actual birthday suit, does that ever come into play?
Maybe someday, I’d love to show the body God gave me but not sure I wanna do it now.
September 26 + 0

Sam Pepper Exposed. 

Laci Green and many other young women have placed themselves in an extremely vulnerable position to shed some light on sexual abuse in the Youtube community and some extremely disturbing incidents directly involving Sam Pepper. Please share this video to support Laci and the victims.

September 26 + 23286
I guess you can count on me for support. You can put me down for a dozen, I’ll hand them to some of my classmates to promote you.
really? you’d do that for me? that would be pretty awesome kitty kat. i might start crying, oh my gosh.
September 25 + 0



adammantium said: appledude: I will buy it for sure!!! :)

dude, thanks! i’ll sign it up especially for you bro :)

yay! I’ll have an autograph of a superstar! :D

aw bro you’re too sweet :)

September 25 + 3